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net::sf::jabref::msbib::MSBibEntry Class Reference

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Detailed Description

S M Mahbub Murshed udvranto@yahoo.com
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Date: May 15, 2007; May 03, 2007

History May 03, 2007 - Added export functionality May 15, 2007 - Added import functionality May 16, 2007 - Changed all interger entries to strings, except LCID which must be an integer. To avoid exception during integer parsing the exception is caught and LCID is set to zero.

Definition at line 53 of file MSBibEntry.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAdrress (Document d, Element parent, String address)
void addAuthor (HashMap< String, String > hm, String type, List< PersonName > authorsLst)
void addAuthor (Document d, Element allAuthors, String entryName, List< PersonName > authorsLst)
void addDate (Document d, Element parent, String date, String extra)
void addField (Document d, Element parent, String name, String value)
BibtexEntry getBibtexRepresentation ()
Element getDOMrepresentation (Document d)
Node getDOMrepresentation ()
BibtexEntryType mapMSBibToBibtexType (String msbib)
 MSBibEntry (Element entry, String _bcol)
 MSBibEntry (BibtexEntry bibtex)
String stripNonValidXMLCharacters (String in)
String toString ()

Protected Member Functions

List< PersonNamegetAuthors (String authors)
void getAuthors (Element authorsElem, String _bcol)
String getDate (BibtexEntry bibtex)
String getFromXml (String name, Element entry)
String getLanguage (int LCID)
int getLCID (String language)
String getMSBibSourceType (BibtexEntry bibtex)
List< PersonNamegetSpecificAuthors (String type, Element authors, String _bcol)
void parseSingleStandardNumber (String type, String bibtype, String standardNum, HashMap< String, String > hm)
void parseStandardNumber (String standardNum, HashMap< String, String > hm)
void populateFromBibtex (BibtexEntry bibtex)
void populateFromXml (Element entry, String _bcol)

Protected Attributes

String abbreviatedCaseNumber = null
String address = null
String albumTitle = null
List< PersonNameauthors = null
String bibTex_Abstract = null
String bibTex_Affiliation = null
String bibTex_Contents = null
String bibTex_Copyright = null
String bibTex_CrossRef = null
String bibTex_HowPublished = null
String bibTex_KeyWords = null
String bibTex_Price = null
String bibTex_Series = null
String bibTex_Size = null
String bibTexEntry = null
List< PersonNamebookAuthors = null
String bookTitle = null
String broadcaster = null
String broadcastTitle = null
String caseNumber = null
String chapterNumber = null
String comments = null
List< PersonNamecompilers = null
List< PersonNamecomposers = null
List< PersonNameconductors = null
String conferenceName = null
List< PersonNamecounsels = null
String court = null
String dateAccessed = null
String day = null
String department = null
List< PersonNamedirectors = null
String distributor = null
String edition = null
List< PersonNameeditors = null
String GUID = null
String institution = null
String internetSiteTitle = null
List< PersonNameinterviewees = null
List< PersonNameinterviewers = null
List< PersonNameinventors = null
String issue = null
String journalName = null
int LCID = -1
String medium = null
String month = null
String numberOfVolumes = null
PageNumbers pages = null
String patentNumber = null
List< PersonNameperformers = null
String periodicalTitle = null
List< PersonNameproducerNames = null
String productionCompany = null
String publicationTitle = null
String publisher = null
String recordingNumber = null
String reporter = null
String shortTitle = null
String sourceType = "Misc"
String standardNumber = null
String station = null
String tag = null
String theater = null
String thesisType = null
String title = null
List< PersonNametranslators = null
String type = null
String url = null
String volume = null
List< PersonNamewriters = null
String year = null

Private Member Functions

String format (String value)

Private Attributes

final String bcol = "b:"
final String BIBTEX = "BIBTEX_"
final boolean FORMATXML = false
final String MSBIB = "msbib-"

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