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net::sf::jabref::gui::PersistenceTableColumnListener Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::event::TableColumnModelListener.

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Detailed Description

Listens for TableColumnModelEvents to keep track of changes made to the MainTable columns, like reordering or resizing.

Changes to columns without a name and the "#" column are not saved. To have consistent behavior (e.g. as in TableColumnsTab).

Fabian Bieker

Daniel Waeber


Definition at line 24 of file PersistenceTableColumnListener.java.

Public Member Functions

void columnAdded (TableColumnModelEvent e)
void columnMarginChanged (ChangeEvent e)
void columnMoved (TableColumnModelEvent e)
void columnRemoved (TableColumnModelEvent e)
void columnSelectionChanged (ListSelectionEvent e)
 PersistenceTableColumnListener (final MainTable mainTable)

Static Public Attributes

static final String ACTIVATE_PREF_KEY
static final boolean DEFAULT_ENABLED = true

Private Member Functions

void updateColumnPrefs ()

Private Attributes

final MainTable mainTable

Static Private Attributes

static final String simpleClassName

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