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net::sf::jabref::gui::MainTableFormat Class Reference

Inherits ca::odell::glazedlists::gui::TableFormat< net::sf::jabref::BibtexEntry >.

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Detailed Description

Class defining the contents and column headers of the main table.

Definition at line 21 of file MainTableFormat.java.

Public Member Functions

Object formatName (Object o)
int getColumnCount ()
int getColumnIndex (String colName)
String getColumnName (int col)
Object getColumnValue (BibtexEntry be, int col)
String[] getIconTypeForColumn (int col)
boolean hasField (BibtexEntry be, String field)
boolean isIconColumn (int col)
 MainTableFormat (BasePanel panel)
void updateTableFormat ()

Public Attributes

int padleft = -1

Static Public Attributes

static final String[] CITESEER = {"citeseerurl"}
static final String COL_DEFINITION_FIELD_SEPARATOR = "/"
static final String[] FILE = {GUIGlobals.FILE_FIELD}
static final String[] PDF = {"pdf", "ps"}
static final String[] URL_ = {"url", "doi"}

Package Attributes

boolean abbr_names
int[][] nameCols = null
boolean namesAsIs
boolean namesFf
boolean namesLastOnly
boolean namesLf
boolean namesNatbib
BasePanel panel
boolean showShort

Private Attributes

String[][] columns
HashMap< Integer, String[]> iconCols = new HashMap<Integer, String[]>()


class  NoSearchMatcher
class  SearchMatcher

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