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net::sf::jabref::gui::MainTable Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JTable.

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Detailed Description

The central table which displays the bibtex entries.

User: alver Date: Oct 12, 2005 Time: 10:29:39 PM

Definition at line 36 of file MainTable.java.

Public Member Functions

void addSelectionListener (ListEventListener< BibtexEntry > listener)
void ensureVisible (int row)
int findEntry (BibtexEntry entry)
TableCellRenderer getCellRenderer (int row, int column)
int getCellStatus (int row, int col)
Comparator< BibtexEntry > getComparatorForColumn (int index)
List< String > getCurrentSortFields ()
List< Boolean > getCurrentSortOrder ()
BibtexEntry getEntryAt (int row)
String[] getIconTypeForColumn (int column)
JScrollPane getPane ()
EventList< BibtexEntry > getSelected ()
BibtexEntry[] getSelectedEntries ()
SortedList< BibtexEntry > getSortedForTable ()
int getSortingColumn (int number)
PersistenceTableColumnListener getTableColumnListener ()
EventList< BibtexEntry > getTableRows ()
boolean isShowingFloatSearch ()
 MainTable (MainTableFormat tableFormat, EventList< BibtexEntry > list, JabRefFrame frame, BasePanel panel)
void refreshSorting ()
void scrollTo (int y)
void scrollToCenter (int rowIndex, int vColIndex)
void setUI (TableUI newUI)
void setWidths ()
void showFloatGrouping (Matcher< BibtexEntry > m)
void showFloatSearch (Matcher< BibtexEntry > m)
void stopShowingFloatGrouping ()
void stopShowingFloatSearch ()
void updateFont ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void updateRenderers ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int BOOLEAN = 4
static final int ICON_COL = 8
static final int OPT_STRING = 3
static final int OPTIONAL = 2
static final int OTHER = 3
static final int REQ_NUMBER = 2
static final int REQ_STRING = 1
static final int REQUIRED = 1

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

boolean isComplete (int row)
boolean isMarked (int row)
boolean matches (int row, Matcher< BibtexEntry > m)
void setupComparatorChooser ()

Static Private Member Functions

static Color mixColors (Color one, Color two)

Private Attributes

< BibtexEntry > 
Comparator< BibtexEntry > groupComparator
Matcher< BibtexEntry > groupMatcher
Comparator< BibtexEntry > markingComparator = new IsMarkedComparator()
JScrollPane pane
BasePanel panel
Comparator< BibtexEntry > searchComparator
Matcher< BibtexEntry > searchMatcher
EventSelectionModel< BibtexEntry > selectionModel
boolean showingFloatGrouping = false
boolean showingFloatSearch = false
SortedList< BibtexEntry > sortedForGrouping
SortedList< BibtexEntry > sortedForMarking
SortedList< BibtexEntry > sortedForSearch
SortedList< BibtexEntry > sortedForTable
boolean tableColorCodes
MainTableFormat tableFormat

Static Private Attributes

static CompleteRenderer compRenderer
static GeneralRenderer defRenderer
static CompleteRenderer grayedOutNumberRenderer
static GeneralRenderer grayedOutRenderer
static IncompleteRenderer incRenderer
static CompleteRenderer markedNumberRenderer
static GeneralRenderer markedRenderer
static GeneralRenderer optRenderer
static GeneralRenderer reqRenderer
static CompleteRenderer veryGrayedOutNumberRenderer
static GeneralRenderer veryGrayedOutRenderer


class  CompleteRenderer
class  IncompleteRenderer
class  MyTableComparatorChooser

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