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net::sf::jabref::JabRefFrame Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::sf::jabref::JabRefFrame:

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Detailed Description

The main window of the application.

Definition at line 97 of file JabRefFrame.java.

Public Member Functions

void about ()
int addBibEntries (List< BibtexEntry > bibentries, String filename, boolean intoNew)
void addImportedEntries (final BasePanel panel, final List< BibtexEntry > entries, String filename, final boolean openInNew)
void addPluginMenuItem (JMenuItem item)
void addTab (BasePanel bp, File file, boolean raisePanel)
BasePanel addTab (BibtexDatabase db, File file, MetaData meta, String encoding, boolean raisePanel)
BasePanel addTab (BibtexDatabase db, File file, HashMap< String, String > meta, String encoding, boolean raisePanel)
BasePanel baseAt (int i)
int baseCount ()
BasePanel basePanel ()
void block ()
void closeCurrentTab ()
void closeCurrentTabNoWarning ()
FileHistory getFileHistory ()
JTabbedPane getTabbedPane ()
String getTabTitle (JComponent comp)
String getTabTooltip (JComponent comp)
void output (final String s)
void preferences ()
JabRefPreferences prefs ()
void quit ()
void removeCachedEntryEditors ()
void setPreviewActive (boolean enabled)
void setProgressBarIndeterminate (final boolean value)
void setProgressBarMaximum (final int value)
void setProgressBarValue (final int value)
void setProgressBarVisible (final boolean visible)
void setStatus (String s)
void setTabTitle (JComponent comp, String title, String toolTip)
void setupAllTables ()
void setUpImportMenus ()
void showBaseAt (int i)
void showBasePanel (BasePanel bp)
void showMessage (String message)
void showMessage (Object message, String title, int msgType)
void stopShowingSearchResults ()
void unblock ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setEnabled (List< Object > list, boolean enabled)

Public Attributes

GroupSelector groupSelector
JToggleButton groupToggle
HelpDialog helpDiag = new HelpDialog(this)
JToggleButton highlightAll
JToggleButton highlightAny
JToggleButton previewToggle
JToggleButton searchToggle
SidePaneManager sidePaneManager

Protected Member Functions

void initActions ()
void updateEnabledState ()

Protected Attributes

List< Object > openDatabaseOnlyActions = new LinkedList<Object>()
int previousTabCount = -1
List< Object > severalDatabasesOnlyActions = new LinkedList<Object>()

Package Attributes

AbstractAction abbreviateIso
AbstractAction abbreviateMedline
AbstractAction about
AboutAction aboutAction = new AboutAction()
boolean addedToPluginMenu = false
AbstractAction autoSetFile = new GeneralAction("autoSetFile", Globals.lang("Synchronize file links"), Globals.prefs.getKey("Synchronize files"))
AbstractAction autoSetPdf = new GeneralAction("autoSetPdf", Globals.lang("Synchronize %0 links", "PDF"), Globals.prefs.getKey("Synchronize PDF"))
AbstractAction autoSetPs = new GeneralAction("autoSetPs", Globals.lang("Synchronize %0 links", "PS"), Globals.prefs.getKey("Synchronize PS"))
AbstractAction back
JMenu checkAndFix = subMenu("Scan database...")
CiteSeerFetcher citeSeerFetcher
AbstractAction close = new CloseDatabaseAction()
CloseDatabaseAction closeDatabaseAction = new CloseDatabaseAction()
GridBagConstraints con = new GridBagConstraints()
UIFSplitPane contentPane = new UIFSplitPane()
AbstractAction contents
AbstractAction copy = new EditAction("copy", GUIGlobals.getIconUrl("copy"))
AbstractAction copyCiteKey
AbstractAction copyKey
AbstractAction customExpAction = new CustomizeExportsAction()
JMenu customExportMenu = subMenu("Custom export")
AbstractAction customFileTypesAction = ExternalFileTypeEditor.getAction(this)
AbstractAction customImpAction = new CustomizeImportsAction()
AbstractAction cut = new EditAction("cut", GUIGlobals.getIconUrl("cut"))
AbstractAction databaseProperties = new DatabasePropertiesAction()
AbstractAction dbConnect
AbstractAction dbExport
AbstractAction dbImport = new DbImportAction(this).getAction()
AbstractAction decreseFontSize = new DecreaseTableFontSizeAction()
AbstractAction delete
AbstractAction dupliCheck = new GeneralAction("dupliCheck", "Find duplicates")
AbstractAction editEntry
AbstractAction editPreamble
AbstractAction editStrings
AbstractAction errorConsole = Globals.errorConsole.getAction(this)
AbstractAction expandEndnoteZip = new ExpandEndnoteFilters(this)
AbstractAction exportAll = ExportFormats.getExportAction(this, false)
JMenu exportMenu = subMenu("Export")
AbstractAction exportSelected = ExportFormats.getExportAction(this, true)
AbstractAction exportToClipboard = new GeneralAction("exportToClipboard", "Export selected entries to clipboard")
AbstractAction fetchCiteSeer = new FetchCiteSeerAction()
List< Action > fetcherActions = new LinkedList<Action>()
List< EntryFetcherfetchers = new LinkedList<EntryFetcher>()
AbstractAction focusTable
AbstractAction forward
GridBagLayout gbl = new GridBagLayout()
AbstractAction help
AbstractAction importCiteSeer = new ImportCiteSeerAction()
AbstractAction importCurrent = ImportFormats.getImportAction(this, false)
JMenu importMenu = subMenu("Import into current database")
AbstractAction importNew = ImportFormats.getImportAction(this, true)
JMenu importNewMenu = subMenu("Import into new database")
AbstractAction increaseFontSize = new IncreaseTableFontSizeAction()
AbstractAction incrementalSearch
AbstractAction installPlugin = new PluginInstallerAction(this)
AbstractAction integrityCheckAction = new IntegrityCheckAction()
LabelMaker labelMaker
AbstractAction loadSessionAction = new LoadSessionAction()
AbstractAction makeKeyAction
AbstractAction manageJournals = new ManageJournalsAction(this)
AbstractAction manageSelectors = new GeneralAction("manageSelectors", "Manage content selectors")
final Insets marg = new Insets(1,0,2,0)
AbstractAction mark
JMenuBar mb = new JMenuBar()
AbstractAction mergeDatabaseAction
AbstractAction newDatabaseAction = new NewDatabaseAction()
JMenu newDatabaseMenu = subMenu("New database" )
NewEntryAction newEntryAction = new NewEntryAction(prefs.getKey("New entry"))
NewEntryAction[] newSpecificEntryAction
AbstractAction newSubDatabaseAction = new NewSubDatabaseAction()
AbstractAction nextTab = new ChangeTabAction(true)
AbstractAction normalSearch
OpenDatabaseAction open = new OpenDatabaseAction(this, true)
AbstractAction openFile
AbstractAction openPdf
AbstractAction openSpires
AbstractAction openUrl
AbstractAction paste = new EditAction("paste", GUIGlobals.getIconUrl("paste"))
AbstractAction plainTextImport
JMenu pluginMenu = subMenu("Plugins")
JabRefPreferences prefs = Globals.prefs
PrefsDialog3 prefsDialog = null
AbstractAction prevTab = new ChangeTabAction(false)
JProgressBar progressBar = new JProgressBar()
PushToApplicationButton pushExternalButton
AbstractAction quit = new CloseAction()
AbstractAction redo
AbstractAction replaceAll
AbstractAction save
AbstractAction saveAll = new SaveAllAction(JabRefFrame.this)
AbstractAction saveAs
AbstractAction saveSelectedAs
AbstractAction saveSessionAction = new SaveSessionAction()
SearchManager2 searchManager
AbstractAction selectAll
AbstractAction selectKeys = new SelectKeysAction()
AbstractAction showPrefs = new ShowPrefsAction()
AbstractAction sortTabs = new SortTabsAction(this)
JLabel statusLabel
JLabel statusLine = new JLabel("", SwingConstants.LEFT)
AbstractAction switchPreview
JTabbedPane tabbedPane = new JTabbedPane()
AbstractAction test = new GeneralAction("test", "Test")
ToolBar tlb = new ToolBar()
AbstractAction toggleGroups
AbstractAction toggleHighlightAll
AbstractAction toggleHighlightAny
AbstractAction togglePreview
AbstractAction toggleSearch = new GeneralAction("toggleSearch", "Search", Globals.lang("Toggle search panel"))
AbstractAction unabbreviate
AbstractAction undo
AbstractAction unmark
AbstractAction unmarkAll = new GeneralAction("unmarkAll", "Unmark all")
AbstractAction upgradeExternalLinks
AbstractAction writeXmpAction

Private Member Functions

void createToolBar ()
void fillMenu ()
int getTabIndex (JComponent comp)
void init ()
void initLabelMaker ()
void initLayout ()
void initSidePane ()
void macOSXRegistration ()
void markActiveBasePanel ()
void setUpImportMenu (JMenu importMenu, boolean intoNew_)
JMenu subMenu (String name)

Private Attributes

FileHistory fileHistory = new FileHistory(prefs, this)
int lastTabbedPanelSelectionIndex = -1


class  AboutAction
class  ChangeTabAction
class  CloseAction
class  CloseDatabaseAction
class  CustomizeEntryTypeAction
class  CustomizeExportsAction
class  CustomizeImportsAction
class  DatabasePropertiesAction
class  DecreaseTableFontSizeAction
class  EditAction
class  FetchCiteSeerAction
class  GeneralAction
class  GenFieldsCustomizationAction
class  ImportCiteSeerAction
class  IncreaseTableFontSizeAction
class  IntegrityCheckAction
class  LoadSessionAction
class  MyGlassPane
class  NewDatabaseAction
class  NewEntryAction
class  NewSubDatabaseAction
class  SaveSessionAction
class  SelectKeysAction
class  ShowPrefsAction
class  ToolBar

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